The lovely landscape of the orientation centre.

The lovely landscape of the orientation centre.

I always knew I’d go back to Peace Corps.  I kind of thought it would be when I retired and I would be Allie’s crazy Polish aunt, oceanographer emeritus, flitting around Africa.  But stars aligned and here I am now.

We’re Peace Corps Response volunteers–shorter gigs, minimal training.  There are four of us, and the trainees refer to us as the Three Amigos and Maid Marian.  We are all education specialists in different disciplines, so we will be training teachers from eight secondary schools.  The logistics will be . . . interesting.

It feels good to be back.  Many things feel familiar and I get that “Oh, yeah, I remember that!” feeling:  the sound of the doves in the morning, the acacia trees on the landscape, and driving on the left side of the road.  Many things are new to me:  the proliferation of cell phones among volunteers, Bantu languages with clicks in them(!), and the tensions of a post-apartheid society.

Two more days of orientation and we head out to our site!  Wish us luck.